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How to Add an Item to a Slicer

Slicers make it easy to filter data in your Pyramid Analytics reports. Here’s how to add an item to an existing slicer.

Let’s say that you want to filter report data on a term that does not appear in the “Term by Type” slicer but you know it exists.

For example, I want to see summer enrollment data for College of Engineering. Using the “Term by Type” slicer, I can filter this report on all terms, regular term, fall term or spring term. But what if I want to only see summer term data?

In the Analytic Workspace, I’ll select “Term by Type” from the “Slices” menu in the “Selections” panel.

Next, I’ll right + click “Slices” to open the context menu and select “View Elements.”

Now, in the “Elements” panel, I can see which terms are included in the “Term by Type” slicers for this report.

At this point, I can click to select and deselect which terms I want to appear in the “Term by Type” slicer.

I’ll hold down the control key and click summer so that all terms are selected.

Now when I click the “Term by Type” slicer I see that “Summer” term is now an option. Sometimes you’ll have to open and close the slicer drop-down to see the changes.

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