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Dice to View Additional Constituent Data

Dicing allows you to see additional constituent data about an item that is not shown in the default report view in Pyramid Analytics.

For example, if you’re viewing College of Arts and Sciences data in the “Student Enrollment Headcount” report and want to see the same data divisions but diced by academic standing–you want to “dice” the data.

I’ve focused my report here on the College of Arts and Sciences. If I want to view this report diced by academic standing, I’ll right + click the “College of Arts and Sciences” and select “Dice > Academic Standing > Academic Standing > Academic Standing Status” from the context menu.

Now we’re viewing the same data but it is also diced by academic standing status: dismissed, good standing and probation.

Visit the Boise State Pyramid Analytics support website to learn more about data manipulation using “Drill Down and Drill Up” and “Member Selection > Focus.”

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