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How to Export Reports to Excel

There are three ways to easily export data from Pyramid Analytics to Excel. To begin, open the report you want to export.

Distribute > Export Content

This method preserves the formatting of the report, including charts, graphs, and colors.

  1. Open the report.
  2. Click on the ‘File’ tab of the Ribbon Panel. This will take you to the Backstage area.
    screenshot of File menu option in Excel
  3. Click on ‘Distribute’ within the Backstage area.
  4. Click on the Export Content button.
  5. The file type will default to MS Excel 2007/2010.
  6. Make any other desired changes in the Settings area below the File Type.
  7. Click the Export Button
    screenshot of Export Button in Excel

Quick Export

This method generates information in a stripped down output.

  1. Right click on the blank background area of the open report.
  2. Choose “Quick Export to Excel” from the report context menu.
    screenshot of Quick Export to Excel option
  3. You will be prompted for a place to save your XML export document.
  4. Once exported, double click on the file to open it up in Excel. (Please note that the file format will be .xml. With the file open, you can click on the File tab and select ‘Save As’ and Save as type: Excel Workbook.)

Cell Action List (How to Export a List)

The third method for exporting from Pyramid Analytics is to generate and export a list which is described in this video.

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