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Filtering with Slicers

Filtering allows you to see data in Pyramid Analytics reports–just the way you want to see it.

Slicers vary from report to report and are visible in all the workspace views at the top of the report panel in the middle of the screen.

You’ll notice the “Term by Type” slicer in this report is set to “Fall.” To view data for spring, click the “Term by Type” drop-down menu and select “spring.” Then, you’ll need to re-run the report by clicking the Pyramid Analytics icon in the upper right of the screen or by pressing the <F2> key on your keyboard (Windows).

When you re-run the report you’ll notice the columns changed from fall to spring.

Slicers with a lightning bolt icon auto run the report when you change the slicer. You don’t have to click the Pyramid icon or press <F2> on your keyboard.

You can turn on “Auto Run” by right + clicking the title of the slicer, select “Slice Options” and click “Auto Run” checkbox and “Ok.”

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