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How to Insert and Edit Charts

Once you have a report filtered, focused and drilled down to the data you need, you can visualize that data by inserting a chart into your Pyramid Analytics report.

For this example, I’ve created a report of the number of Art students who are juniors and seniors enrolled in fall 2012 and 2013.

To insert a chart to represent this data visually, click the bottom half of the “Report Layout” button located on the ribbon under the “Home” tab. The options here allow you to view your report as a grid in one panel and as a chart in another panel.

I’ll select the layout that puts one panel on top of the other.

Now, in the bottom panel, I’m going to select to display “Grid > Flat.”

In the top panel I’ll select “Chart > Bar.”

Now I can edit the formatting of the chart as much as I want by clicking the “Chart” tab on the ribbon.

You should notice your slicers are still available for additional filtering of the data.

You can print your report as a chart, grid or both using “Distribute > Print” from the “File” tab. For more information about printing reports and manipulating data, visit the How to Print a Report support page.