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Right-Click for Contextual Options

Many features and functions of Pyramid Analytics are available in “contextual menus” by right+clicking on items in the report (that’s <control>+click on a Mac). And, you get different context menus depending on where you right+click.

For example, to open a context menu with options that apply to the report, like sorting, filtering or exporting, click the white space around the chart.

Right + clicking a column or row title opens a context menu for data manipulation like drilling down or up, dicing and member selection.

Finally, right + clicking in one of the cells in your chart opens a context menu that allows you to generate lists or zoom in to view the report based only on that selection.

The menus themselves are contextual too. For example, when you first open a report, you’re at the top level of data so the “Drill Up” option will be grayed out and unavailable.

If you don’t remember where to find a particular option when you’re working in Pyramid, it’s likely in a context menu that you can open by right + clicking the item you want to manipulate.